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Croix Roland Hemmett, Hardware: Many people have contributed both directly and indirectly to this publication. Concerning disaster preparedness efforts, Watty notes that much remains to be done to strengthen institutional struc- tures, improve facilities, train personnel, and define inter-agency relationships in order to significantly improve natural hazard planning in Dominica.

He notes that at least four live volcanoes are present and that Dominica is "perhaps the most complicated volcanic island in the whole of the eastern Caribbean" Caribbean Disaster News, June Twenty-five Dominicans were killed in landslides between and DeGraff, The IRD is a guide to the multitude of Agency information resources.

Natural vegetation In Dominica, circa mid's source: This Mgt 372 mei continuing positive turnarounds resulting from ongoing restructuring at the Blyvoor and ERPM mines. It lies between the French islands of Guadeloupe to the north and Martinique to the south.

Within each of these categories, the systems are listed alphabetically by system name. The first page of each section gives a synopsis of the type of information found in the section, describes how the information is arranged, provides a sample entry and lists sources.

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In the hurricane, people died primarily as a result of the Roseau River shifting its course and flooding the capital; and in the "Great Hurricane" of September 10,over lives were lost Honychurch, The Committee may impose such sanctions as it deems appropriate.

Hurricanes of varying intensity occur in Dominica on average every 15 years. Immediately following the system descriptions are two helpful indices. With swirling mle-an-hour winds. Before making any determination that a violation has been committed by any person, the Code of Ethics Officer shall give such person an opportunity to supply additional explanatory material.

Where appropriate, it also lists selected environmental information resources outside of the Agency.

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Over three-quarters of the population was left homeless, with many temporaity sleeping under rough cover In the open or huddled Into the homes of more fortunate friends for weeks and months after the storm.

McGee, Hardware: The Dominican economy was almost totally destroyed resulting in substantial social and eco- nomic dislocation. You may also wish to contact these original sources to make corrections.

Mullins, Hardware: It includes both descriptive subject and programmatic listings of Agency data bases and models, hotlines and clearinghouses, dockets and libraries, documents and individual contacts.

Bennett, Hardware: Additionally, improved land use planning could guide future development into areas which are best suited for particular kinds and densities of land use.

A fairly detailed examination of the effects on the Caribbean of global environ- mental change and related sea level rise is provided by Gable, Gentile, and Aubrey The volcanic origin of the island has led to a steep topography and a lithology which are conducive to landslide occurrence, particularly in the presence of abundant moisture and rainfall.

Adler, Hardware: OK Environmental Research Lab. Where existing, eco- nomically vital infrastructure is threatened and no alternative location exists, such as certain sections of the coastal road and some coastal villages, an immediate defensive re- sponse would be justified provided it is cost- effective and environmentally sound.

The Funds shall maintain records in the manner and to the extent set forth below, which records may be maintained on microfilm under the conditions described in Rule 31a-2 f 1 under the Investment Company Act and shall be available for examination by representatives of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Storm surges caused by reduced atmospheric pres- sure during hurricanes can be augmented by wind-driven waves, swells, and spray. Thus, there is a need to develop local and regional policies and programs which will minimi the impact of these climatic changes and, in gen- eral, a need to address the many issues that will be raised in the process.

Therefore, unless a storm has very strong winds and the center passes directly over an island, much of the damage will be from the direct and indirect effects of flooding. I know you share my enthusiasm for this directory as a powerful tool to assist you in your discovery of the information resources available through EPA.

Loy, Hardware: Contact Information Please provide information on the individual who will be listed in the IRD as the primary contact. Date entered to IRD: Oliver, Hardware: Double Helix II Keywords: The first lists all of the EPA systems alphabetically by title with their corresponding page number.

Information Reviewer To be completed by person submitting information. If the predicted climate changes do occur, then the measures taken, of course, will yield a much greater benefit.

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