Servant leadership and literature review

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The literature on servant leadership is reviewed and servant leadership is Leadership Ethics in Sports Medicine. The literature acknowledges that this kind of love applies to present leaders, in that they have to consider the individual needs of their followers. They found that a successful servant leadership style must be based on trust.

The literature affirms that such humble behavior builds a strong consensus with followers. In the managerial grid model of Blake and Mouton, the participative style of leadership is presented as the approach with the greatest possible performance and employee satisfaction.

This type of love results in serving the interests of other people and freeing the leader from individually imposed limitations, criticism, and doubt. Sousa and Van Dierendonck pointed out that servant leaders 1 can identify the individual aspirations and needs of the people they are leading and 2 are willing to share in both the pain and frustration the people they are leading are facing: Against this background, this study examined whether and how transformational Only 28 articles had part or all of their content discuss servant leadership theory.

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Do those served grow as persons. Whereas, until recently, caring was largely person to person, now most of it is mediated through institutions — often large, complex, powerful, impersonal; not always competent; sometimes corrupt.

Instead, whoever wants to become great among you must be your servant, 44 and whoever wants to be first must be servant of all. Servant leadership can be found in many religious texts, though the philosophy itself transcends any particular religious tradition.

The former is a values-based view of how leaders should act whereas the latter is usually a way of teaching leaders how to be more effective.

Toastmasters International uses this model of leadership, called Service Leadership, as the type of leadership developed with the Toastmasters Educational programme.

Most of the results generated from the databases discussed leadership without mentioning servant leadership. The best test, and difficult to administer, is: That person is sharply different from one who is leader first, perhaps because of the need to assuage an unusual power drive or to acquire material possessions…The leader-first and the servant-first are two extreme types.

According to Pattersonservant leaders show love in several ways. Servant-leaders continually strive to be trustworthy, self-aware, humble, caring, visionary, empowering, relational, competent, good stewards, and community builders.

Servant leaders are expected to be humble and fair. Insights into Ethical Leadership: Hence, most managers use servant leadership to effectively impact the wellbeing of their employees. Leadership Ethics in Sports Medicine.

The servant-leader shares power, puts the needs of others first and helps people develop and perform as highly as possible. A recent behavioral economics experiment demonstrates the group benefits of servant leadership. Advantages[ edit ] This concept is seen as a long-term concept to life and work and therefore has the potential to influence the society in a positive way.

Greenleaf Servant leadership is a philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world. Emotional Healing Altruistic calling seems to lead to emotional healing.

servant leadership literature review

Leaders are increasingly challenged to find ways to deepen trust, foster collaboration, and build customer loyalty. Start Here What is Servant Leadership?. Servant leadership drew more attentions from scholars and researchers recently. From my perspective, servant leaders have the capability of solving some real business world issues.

Based on this impetus, I reviewed servant leadership models, and its relation with team effectiveness. This also.

Thesis Literature Review Sample

Servant leadership is a long-term, transformational approach to both life and work. At the organizational level, the principles must be institutionalized in order to make a difference.

Servant Leadership: A Review and Synthesis

Establishing a servant leadership approach has the potential for creating positive change throughout all of society and in workplaces around the world. Servant leadership is positioned as a new field of research for leadership scholars.

This review deals with the historical background of servant leadership, its key characteristics, the available measurement tools, and the results of relevant studies that have been conducted so far.


literature review of all published work on servant leadership from scholarly journals and dissertations was conducted through The University of Minnesota library website using One Search, Academic Search Premier, and Business. The philosophical foundation of servant leadership existed thousands of years ago.

Servant leadership is a unique style of leadership ideology which flows against the grain of self-interest human. Servant leadership is a philosophy and set of practices that enriches the lives of individuals, builds better organizations and ultimately creates a more just and caring world.

Servant leadership and literature review
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